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Extend The Life of Your Ride with FMS!

Fredericksburg Motor Sports is there for you for the entire life of your vehicle, so we've developed a great collection of add-on features to keep you on the road. Take a look at the options below!

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While manufacturers usually provide new vehicles with warranties to help protect against material and workmanship defects, the time frame offered for warranties are often short. We can provide you with extended terms from the manufacturer or a third party warranty to help protect you investment further down to the road. *Extended Warranty

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Prepaid Maintenance

Buy your maintenance up front and SAVE! Prepaid maintenance is our way of helping you curb the cost of scheduled maintenance while making sure you keep your recreational vehicle cared for the way the manufacturer recommends. We have multiple plans available, one is sure to fit your budget.

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Gap Protection

GAP insurance protection helps you cover the difference between the actual cash value an insurance company places on a vehicle and what you owe. When financing, depreciation and other items wrapped up into a loan often have the loan value over the vehicle's value, by buying GAP, you are ensure that your "out of pocket" costs during a theft of total loss are limited.

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Roadside Assistance/Hazard

  • ROAD HAZARD TIRE & WHEEL: We all know how expensive motorcycle tires can be, this is the best way to protect your new tires.
  • 24/7 towing and mechanical breakdown assistance
  • Fuel and water delivery Lockout/ lost key assistance
  • Emergency travel benefits Hotel and travel discounts

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Theft Protection

Theft Protection is similar to "GAP protection" insurance, but focuses on the costs that arise because of

theft damage and / or replacement. Theft protection provides a permanent identification marking on your vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen and is not recovered within 30 days, you will received a replacement allowance in the amount of the actual cash value of your unit up to $2500, or $5000 to be used as a credit towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle. *See contract for specific limits, terms and conditions.

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LOJACK: The Leader In Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Thousands of bikes are stolen every year. We know you do all you can to reduce your exposure to theft but the truth is, if the bad guys really want your bike, they're going to get it. Because once it's gone, it's goe.

LoJack for motorcycles uses a small, silent transmitter that's hidden within your motorcycle. After a vehicle with LOJACK is reported stolen, LOJACK is automatically activated and enables the police to track and recover. And... with LOJACK'S early warning system, you'll know instantly when your bike is moved without your knowledge.

Is LOJACK worth it? One word, YES!

One of our very own FMS staff had his Yamaha R1 stolen. Because of LOJACK, local police recovered the R1in under 4 hours, 15 miles from where is was stolen.

* BONUS! LoJack may qualify you for an insurance discount.

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*Note: All contracts are independent of each other, each provide very specific coverages and all
decisions related to any purchased coverages are based by the manufacturer or third party underwriter.
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print of the contract. If you have any questions, please call us or call your contract provider.

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