Hunting with a UTV

Hunting with a UTV in Fredericksburg, VA

Hunting with a UTV

If you’re a dedicated hunter, you need an arsenal full of reliable tools that you can count on for each trip. Whether you prefer a gun, a bow, or both, you need to be prepared with all the essentials to secure a successful hunt. One of the best ways you can do this is to hunt with a side by side. UTVs are built to be incredibly rugged and tough, which allows you to cover much more ground with the benefit of massive storage options for all your gear. Plus, you’ll even have enough room to bring a buddy or two along for the trip.

Here at Fredericksburg Motor Sports, we strive to provide our customers with very best hunting equipment there is, which includes a wide variety of UTVs. Give us a call or stop by our dealership in Fredericksburg, VA today to check them out for yourself.

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Rules to Remember

It’s important to keep your state’s rules and regulations in mind when hunting with your UTV. for instance, some states classify UTVs in the same manner as ATVs while others give them their own off-road vehicle category. There are states that allow you to discharge a firearm from inside a UTV for those with special disability permits but this is rare. In some states, you aren’t even permitted to have a loaded weapon in your side by side. It’s critical that you take the time to look up your state’s specific laws and remember them.

Local laws aside, there are some other basic regulations you need to follow, such as having the proper license and tags. You should also be sure to note any land use issues, which is relevant in the case of proper hunting grounds and for whether or not trails and parks permit off-road vehicles. In most cases, National Forest and Bureau of Land Management land is open to hunting for the public unless otherwise noted. It is often less restrictive to hunt on private land but be conscious of property lines. You should never discharge your weapon within 500 feet of any road or house. Always practice proper gun safety wherever you are hunting.

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Be Responsible

However you plan to go about your UTV hunting trip, all hunters accept a responsibility to the environment, fellow humans, and their prey. Be sure you have a clear shot and know where the round will travel if it doesn’t hit the mark. You should be sure to leave plenty of space between you and other hunters to reserve their experience and to ensure you’re not in their line of fire and vice versa.

In the event that you need to travel across private land, be sure to ask for the owner’s permissions first. Always remember to close gates, leave fences intact, and treat your surrounds with respect. The use of a UTV when hunting can enhance your experience but it’s also your responsibility to make sure it doesn’t cause problems for other hunters in the area.

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Gear Up for Success

You’re well on your way to a successful hunting trip with your UTV. Another thing you can do to increase your chances for success is to invest in some essential pieces of equipment. For example, consider purchasing a winch if you don’t have one. This tool is highly efficient for pulling heavy game out of the muck and onto level ground for dressing. You can also use it to pull yourself out of tricky spots where ties and straps won’t suffice. For large game, you’ll want additional straps and ropes for when you tie it down. Larger cargo racks are also especially helpful in these cases and don’t require as much effort when stowing cargo.

Another helpful tool you should have handy is rifle scabbards to keep your rifle’s optics straight and to easily transport firearms to the hunting area without being damaged. Driving your UTV out to your hunting grounds of choice can be quite a bumpy ride but rifle scabbards will ensure your weapon is secure and out of the way. Adding or upgrading your lights can help turn those dark mornings or evenings into more hours of hunting.

Now that you’re prepared for your UTV hunting trip, don’t forget to visit Fredericksburg Motor Sports to stock up on the essentials. We’re conveniently located in Fredericksburg, VA today so come by and see us today!

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