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Fredericksburg Motor Sports offers our exclusive Ride Care Service Excellence. It's our personal commitment to quality service and total customer satisfaction. Protect the investment of your motorcycle, ATV, or watercraft through care and scheduled maintenance.

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Maintenance and How-To Tips — The Basics

There are plenty of low-effort things you can do to ensure safe riding and a long life for your machine. Check your Owner’s Manual for the components that need scheduled service (oil/oil filter changes, valve adjustments, fuel injection system cleans, etc.)

Pre- / Post-ride checklist:

  • Keep your bike clean: By spending time to clean you bike, it make you familiar with the machine and helps you to identify issues before they become problems!
    • Use Mild soap & detergents to clean your bike & keep the Armor All off the tires & like items off your tires.
  • Tires. Check for recommended air pressure at least once a week. (see your Owner’s Manual), and inspect tires, feathering or for excessive wear or any other damage.
  • Brakes and clutch. Lever & pedal operation should be smooth on linear. Lube cables a few times a year and make sure to check for lever, brake, & pedal adjustment/positioning.
  • Cables and controls. Make sure the throttle and all control cables (brakes, clutch, engine stop, lights) operate smoothly, if not, apply some cable lube. Check & make adjustments as needed.
  • Lighting. Make sure your brake, head- and taillights, and turn indicators are all in working order each and every time you go for a ride.
  • Fuel and oil. These days, use E10 fuel stabilizer each and every fill-up, make sure your fuel knob is is "normal" position. Keeping your fuel topped off also helps to prevent rust from forming in your tank. Check the oil level, usually via sight glass or dipstick. Dry-Sump systems must be warmed up to test!
  • Chain. Keys to long life from your chain and sprockets are proper tension, keeping clean and lubed often. *Also: Most bikes come with a built in gauge by the axle sliders to help you determine if your chain needs replacing, so pay close attention.
  • Sidestand/Centerstand. Often overlooked are your bike’s side & center stands. Check for smooth operation and apply lube as needed. Also check your cut-off switch every now and again to make sure your bike won't operate in gear with your kickstand down.
  • *Source materials for all maintenance tips found in this section:, MSF Riding Tips: You and Your Motorcycle
    *Always Consult Your Owner's Manual for Proper Safety Procedures